Best Electric Pencil Sharpener for Home – Buying Guide of 2023

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Have you ever tried to sharpen a pencil with your fingers? It takes so much time, and it just doesn’t work very well. But when you buy an electric pencil sharpener, it’s a whole new ball game. Electric pencil sharpeners are a great alternative to sharpening your own pencils.

They save you time, they save you money, and they save you energy. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best electric pencil sharpener for home that you can buy. From manual models to battery-powered ones, these are the best electric pencil sharpeners on the market today.

5 Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners for Home – Review

1. Bostitch Personal Electric Pencil Sharpener

Electric Pencil Sharpener

Bostitch makes high-quality tools that are reliable and well-built. This is one of their personal electric pencil sharpeners, and it’s an excellent choice for anyone who needs a high-performance sharpener. This is one of the best electric pencil sharpeners for several reasons.

Firstly, it’s powered by two AAA batteries, so it doesn’t require an AC outlet. This is great if you have an outdoor space that doesn’t have an outlet, and you don’t want to go through the hassle of wiring a solar charger. Secondly, the motor is powerful enough to do a good job without stalling.

It has an incredible torque of 8.2 ft-lbs, which is more than double the average torque of a typical household electric pencil sharpener. This means that you can sharpen pencils faster, and they won’t get stuck in the tip. Thirdly, it comes with a safety feature that prevents you from cutting yourself with the sharpener while it’s plugged into a socket.

If you accidentally pull the power cord out of the wall socket, it will automatically shut off. Finally, it’s compact, and it fits in your pocket. It has a small footprint, and it takes up little space. This is a good option if you need a reliable, portable electric pencil sharpener for work or school.

2. X-ACTO Mighty Mite Electric Pencil Sharpener

Electric Pencil Sharpener

The Mighty Mite Electric Pencil Sharpener is a great gift idea for kids and adults alike. It comes with a variety of sounds and phrases in both English and Spanish, so kids can learn while having fun.

With 12-inch plush figures and a 12-inch plush truck, kids can recreate all their favorite rescue missions and adventures from the PAW Patrol series. This interactive toy also features a microphone that will allow kids to have a voice-activated conversation with the plush toys, so they can re-live all the excitement from the show.

Kids can also learn to speak Spanish, with bilingual sounds and phrases, so they can communicate with their family members who speak the language. The Mighty Mite Electric Pencil Sharpener is a great learning and educational toy that is sure to please kids and adults alike.

3. BOSTITCH QuietSharp Executive Electric Pencil Sharpener

Electric Pencil Sharpener

We’ve always been fans of Bostitch, and the QuietSharp is no exception. It’s the first electric pencil sharpener we reviewed that features tip-saver technology, which is supposed to prevent over-sharpening. When it comes to pencil sharpeners, we tend to prefer mechanical ones because the motor noise is a nuisance.

However, the QuietSharp is a bit different, because it has a silent motor that makes it perfect for people who do a lot of sketching and drawing. It’s fast, efficient, and produces clean, sharp edges. The QuietSharp can sharpen up to 10 pencils per minute, and it has a lifetime warranty that covers the motor, blades, and housing. It’s also very easy to use, so you can sharpen all of your pencils without a hassle.

We tested the QuietSharp against a manual pencil sharpener, and it was able to cut through our pencils in half the time while producing a much cleaner edge. The QuietSharp is also very easy to clean. All you need is a dry cloth, and you can easily wipe off the blade to ensure that it doesn’t get dirty. The Bostitch QuietSharp is a great tool for anyone who needs a quick, effective pencil sharpener.

4. X-Acto, SchoolPro Electric Pencil Sharpener

Electric Pencil Sharpener

X-Acto makes some of the best tools for artists, craftsmen, and hobbyists, and this electric pencil sharpener is no exception. X-Acto’s electric pencil sharpeners are one of the best around, so we were eager to try out the company’s latest model. It features a “flyaway” cutter that prevents oversharpening and a “SafeStart” motor that stops shaving when the bin is removed.

It also features a large shaving bin for easy cleanup and a six-size dial that lets you adjust the sharpness of the sharpener. The motor and the shaving bin are both removable, so you can easily clean them up. When we used this pencil sharpener, we noticed that the sharpener was surprisingly easy to use, and we had no trouble adjusting the sharpness settings.

We also liked the ergonomic design of the sharpener, which made it comfortable to hold. Our only complaint is that the sharpener takes a little time to get going, but that’s because it has to warm up. It takes about two minutes for the motor to get up to speed, but it’s well worth it. In fact, it’s the best electric pencil sharpener we’ve tried. If you’re looking for a great, reliable pencil sharpener, then this is it.

5. Bostitch Office QuietSharp 6 Electric Pencil Sharpener

Electric Pencil Sharpener

Bostitch is a well-known brand that has been around for many decades now. They’ve been creating quality products for many years, and their office pencil sharpeners are no different. The QuietSharp 6 is one of the best electric pencil sharpeners available. It’s fast, reliable, and easy to use.

It features a hardened helical cutter that makes the sharpening process a lot faster than the old-fashioned pencil sharpeners. It also features a long-life motor that reduces the frequency of needing to replace the motor. As for the motor, it has been designed to reduce the noise it produces, which is quite important in an educational setting.

It also has a stall-free motor to prevent the motor from overheating and shutting down. The motor can be locked to keep the motor from turning on when the sharpeners are being used, which is great for classrooms where there is a large number of students. You can sharpen a variety of pencils with this pencil sharpener, including the popular Ticonderoga Tri-Write.

The one-handed design makes it easy to use. It also has a tip saver technology that will extend the life of the pencils. If you want to get the best electric pencil sharpener, then the QuietSharp 6 is the one to go for. It’s a high-quality product that will keep you coming back for more.

How to Choose the Best Electric Pencil Sharpener for Home


A good electric pencil sharpener should be at least 2 inches long. It’s helpful to have a sharpener that’s larger than the pencil it sharpens. You don’t want to spend a lot of time sharpening a pencil just to find out it was too thick for your machine.


If you’re looking for a sturdy, durable electric pencil sharpener, then you’ll want to opt for a metal body. Wood and plastic may be cheaper, but they tend to wear down quickly.


Ideally, you’ll want to get a sharpener with a straight angle. You’ll be able to hold the pencil perfectly steady when you sharpen it, and the angle will make it easier to see how much of the lead you’ve cut off.

Customer Reviews

Some people have found that a pencil sharpener with a high customer review rating is a good way to go. Many of these reviews will include feedback from real customers, who share what they think of the product. Look for any and all reviews that you can find.

Frequently Asked Question

Does it matter which type of electric pencil sharpener you use?

There is no difference between different types of electric pencil sharpeners. However, we recommend buying the best one you can afford, especially if you spend a lot of time on the job. The sharpener should be lightweight, comfortable, and sturdy enough to withstand constant use.

Are electric pencil sharpeners good for the office?

Electric pencil sharpeners are great for the office, but only if you can plug them into a regular outlet and have access to a wall socket. These electric pencil sharpeners can be plugged into a standard outlet without any issues, but you should ensure that you have enough outlets in your office to accommodate them.

Does using an electric pencil sharpener damage pencils?

No, using an electric pencil sharpener does not damage the pencils. There is no heating involved, so the metal part of the pencil does not get damaged.

Final Thought

Pencils are one of the oldest writing implements and have stood the test of time since the dawn of time. So why wouldn’t you want to sharpen your own pencils?

There are tons of options when it comes to electric pencil sharpeners, but we believe the best electric pencil sharpener for home are those that are simple, compact, and offer quality work at an affordable price.

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